JEEPING …..The art of getting dirty and going broke while slowly heading nowhere and taking all day to do it

Jeeps. I love them. As I have gotten older, My attitude has gone from,”Hey, lets hike up there to see if there is anything interesting.” To,”Hey lets Jeep up there to see if there is anything interesting.” A Jeep as it comes from the factory is a damn capable off roader, but sometimes, just a little more oomph is needed. Then comes the lift kits, & gear changes to render the little grocery getter Cherokee into an off road beast.

Now, I don’t enjoy taking My junk off road to thrash the hell out of it, & break my shit. There are folks out there that do that shot, but I like My Jeep, & that bastard has to get Me home afterward. Jeeping for Me, means My Jeep needs to get Me to the places I want to see, & then getting Me home again. Some of those places are pretty tough to get to, So a little more clearance was necessary. Just a couple of inches to get appropriately sizes tires. Since this also involves long distances on the highway, the height had to be kept at sane levels.


Once the lift is in place, and 31″ tires that have a little more versatility installed, the speedometer, and low end torque of the engine suffers quite a bit, so time for a gear change in the axles.


A lower gear, (higher numerically) allows for less engine and transmission strain during hill climbing or slow speed crawling. This prolongs the life of all related components, & makes for more reliability in a vehicle that will transport You to & from remote locations where breaking down is not an option. Having fun is the name of the game, & it’s no fun having to walk for a cell signal in the middle of nowhere, so You can get Your junk towed.

Now that My particular Jeep is modified, I’m able to go to places like this.


And this.


My goal in this article, is to get more people interested in Jeeps & Jeeping, because, the more the demand, the better support will be from the aftermarket companies that make jeep accessories, & replacement parts. The Jeep Cherokee in it’s newest form is at least 11 years old, so aftermarket support is important to keep these fun & versatile vehicles on the road, & off of it.

Keep on Jeepin.

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