Money, Guns, & Apple Pie. Part 3 : The Russian

Some of, if not all of this blog post, may, or may not be a work of fiction…except for the parts that really happened.

Read Parts 1 & 2

Now that I had a little food down My neck, & Kong along with his buddy, Chicken Little were dealt with, it was time to deal with the task at hand. I needed to hit the road, & get to Vegas. Finding out what was going on with Murph was time sensitive. Also, I was going to have to recruit a little help. Hopefully, The help I had in mind was not somewhere on the other side of the planet. That tends to happen with surveillance experts these days.

A corporation that goes by the name of BOHICA LLC, included on it’s board of directors, several experts in the security area. How bout that name…I’m the Chairman of the board, & I threw the name out to the other members as a joke, & they all went with it. Crazy fucks. Do a web search if You don’t know what it means. Most former former Military folks know. My immediate plan of action was to make a phone call, so I put on My helmet, jumped on My Connie, & pulled out of the lot onto US 50 again. Rolling the speed up to about 80MPH, I pressed the key for voice activation of My helmet commo set. “Call Vic” I said into the mic. there was a pause, and the ringing of a phone. Vic, a former Staff Sergeant in the US Army, & now one of the board members of BOHICA LLC. A person that came over from Russia, Vic is one of the most dangerous people I have ever met, & one of the best looking. That right, Vic, or formerly, Staff Sergeant, Victoria Pavlovich. She prefers Vic, as it’s short & to the point. She isn’t one for small talk. At 5’10” and with the looks of a supermodel, it’s a little tough to grasp just how dangerous She is. I once saw Her kill an insurgent with a knife, & then go straight to a large rock, to sit down to have lunch, & that was as a civilian. I’m glad She’s My friend.

“Yeah” Vic said into Her phone. “Hey You.” I said. “You in the office?” “Shit”,She said. “What do You need now?” “I need you to put up a bird” I said. “Have it follow My GPS signal, & fly ahead of Me to look for cops on US 93 toward Vegas” She responded with,”Wow, that’s not illegal or anything.” “Cry Me a river.” I said. “I need to get to Vegas in a hurry. Somebody there needs My help.” “OK”, She said. “I’ll have the bird out there in 15. I’ll let You know when you can open up Your bike.” Then, She hung up.

I rolled along, and just as I came to the turn for 93 south, I saw the red light given off by the hot gas coming out of the surveillance drone’s tiny jet turbine. About that time, My headset chirped, & Vic was on the line. “Road is clear”, She said. “I’ll buzz You back, if You need to slow down.” Then She hung up again.

I let The Connie stretch it legs, then I set the cruise at 150 MPH. I’ll be in Vegas in no time.

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